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Pistol Brushes for Cleaning Rifle Chambers

Did you know that a .45 CAL brush is the perfect size for most sporting caliber chambers?

Many rifle calibers are based on the standard case head established in 1906 when the .30-06 Springfield was adopted as the standard military cartridge. The .30-06 rifle cartridge is the father of many other ammunition calibers. The family is full of top performers like:

The .308 Winchester like the .30-06 Springfield, has many other ammunition calibers based on its shell size also

All the rifle calibers have in common is a similar shell body size and tapering. You can use the Sport Ridge.45 CAL Bore Brush and Mop Combo Pack to clean your chamber and throat.

Using your favorite carbon remover and oil, a .45 CAL is a great scrubbing tool, and the 100% cotton mop is a great way to dry out your chamber after cleaning.

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