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17 Piece AR Cleaning Kit Parts

Sport Ridge offers different types of cleaning kits for your AR. Some of these kits are for field use, like the 16 Piece GI Cleaning Kit. Other kits are for use on your workbench; one example is the 17 Piece AR Cleaning Kit in .223/5.56mm or .308/7.62mm. The 21 Piece Universal AR Cleaning Kit combines everything you need to clean .223/5.56mm, .308/7.62mm rifles, including the proper mix for the .300 Blackout chambered rifles. These kits include standard cleaning parts and tools for essential maintenance of your AR rifle or pistol.

Let us discuss what the 17 Piece AR Cleaning Kit offers and how each piece is used to help maintain your firearm.

AR Chamber Brush

The AR Chamber Brush is designed to do a few tasks and does it well.


1. Cleaning the body of the barrels chamber

2. Cleans the throat “the spot the chamber ends and the rifling starts”

3. Clean the locking lugs in the barrel extension and breach face of the barrel

Bore Brushes are to scrub the rifling’s land and groves in the barrel. This is done by pushing or pulling the brush from chamber out of the muzzle. As the brush moves through the barrel, the bristles scrub the lands and grooves of the rifling to remove the debris left after shooting the firearm.

Bore Mops are used at the end of the cleaning to remove any liquid from the barrel. Liquids could be oil, solvents, and even water.

Patch Loop

Patch Loop is the attachment piece you place Patches through the open eyelet. Again the direction is done by pushing or pulling the brush from chamber out of the muzzle. Patches are great for adding solvent to the barrel before using the brush. Patch loops and Patches work well in removing the solvent after the use of the bore and chamber brush. Sometimes it can take a few patches to come out clean. Each Sport Ridge Cleaning Kit includes a Patch Loop and Patches.

Pull Through Cable

Pull through cable is 33 inches long, is an easy-to-use compact way to clean your barrel. The bore brush, bore mop and patch loop all thread at the end of the line. Again the direction is done by pushing or pulling the brush from chamber out of the muzzle. This prevents all the carbon from going into your upper receiver.

The Multi-Function Handle center has the location that you attach the pull-through cable into for a secure hold.

Multi-Function Handle

The Sport Ridge 17 Piece AR15 Cleaning Kit comes with two brass rods for use with the Multi-Function Handle and the AR Chamber Brush. Multi-Function handle performs other tasks as well, used as the socket for the 6-Piece Tool Bit Set. The 6 Piece Tool bit set offers essential convent maintenance on your AR15. Lastly, as the handle for the Pull-Through Cable.

Stiff, Mil-Spec nylon cleaning brushes aids you in heavy-duty scrubbing tasks. Brushes are non-marring nylon bristles with polymer handle.

This brush is perfectly sized to fit in tight areas in your AR firearm's upper and lower receiver.

The small-sized brush is also great to fit in the bolt carrier female end where the bolt rotates.

Dual Ended Metal Pick/Scraper

The name says it all, a Pick/Scraper is a invaluable tool to disassemble and clean your AR rifle. Many uses from removing the firing pin retaining pin, to opening up the Trigger housing, to scraping carbon. This tool will be used a lot.

Nylon Punch

One of the coolest tools in the 17 Piece AR Cleaning Kit is the Nylon Punch. The only task this tool has is to punch through your Pivot and Take Down pins. This tool helps you without marring your finish while separating the upper from the lower receiver for disassembly.

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