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Selecting A Bipod

Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Bipods have a lot of features, this article covers how to get the most value and picking the best bipod for your needs.

550yd shot with a 300 win mag video (with sound)


  • Mounting to the Firearm

  • Leg Height

  • Pivot or not to pivot


  • Stud mount is the most common. These bipods directly mount to a sling stud on your stock, forend, or handguard. The bipod fits snugly against the firearm with padding to prevent any marring or scratches by adjusting the tension wheel.

  • Rail Mount is for 1903 Picatinny mounts. Our bracket footprint is four slots with a quick thumb lever for installing.

  • M-LOK® mounted bipod is the newest offering to attach to any M-LOK® slot on your firearm directly.

Leg Height

Firearm considerations

Magazine fed firearms like AR-15's & AR-308's need bipods that allow clearance for the magazines. A 6-9" bipod works well for 5-20 round magazines. Standard capacity 25-30 round magazines have more clearance with a 9-13" bi-pod height legs.


If you are primarily a shooter who uses benches or tables, then a 6-9" is a perfect fit. If you shoot from the prone in F-Class, Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League, and other great shooting sports, I would buy both the 6-9" and a 9-13" and if your competition rifle is M-LOK® compatible, then we have the perfect bipod for you.

Sport Ridge options include 6-9", 7-10", 9-13"

  • 6-9" is offered in stud and rail mounting.

  • 7-10" is only offered in our M-LOK® competition bipod.

  • 9-13" height stud and rail-mounted options

To pivot or not to pivot?

Pivoting bipods give you advantages. First is the ability to level the firearm quickly within the field of view of your optic. Think about this; the bipod's legs mimic the shape of the ground. Typically in field conditions and some shooting benches are not level. Shooting a precision rifle that is not level affects the trajectory of your shot.

NRA Precision Rifle Cant Info

For you Precision Rifle Shooters, 3 degrees is equal to 180MOA or 52 MIL's.

The pivot function allows you to remove the cant from the surface's unevenness to gain a perfect level field of view. All Sport Ridge pivoting bipods includes a locking lever. The locking lever allows you to loosen-tighten the tension (resistance) of the pivot. The lever also allows you to set a custom setting to your perfect amount of resistance, and lock in your setting.

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